Sunday, April 21, 2024

Star Trek: Voyager – Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

Since I’ve gotten Google Fiber, I have been enjoying watching my favorite TV shows online more frequently. One of my favorite destinations is Instant Video, which is included with an Amazon Prime subscription.

When Star Trek: Voyager was on TV, I never got to see the last season when it originally aired, so, since I really enjoy time travel/alternate dimensions story-lines, I decided to go through the seven seasons and list the episodes with time-travel/alternative reality story-lines here, for future reference and convenience. I will probably do the same with Star Trek, Star Trek: Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine series as well.

Season 1
  • Time and Again, January 30, 1995: When Paris and Janeway are sent back in time, they must decide whether to violate the Prime Directive by warning residents of a planet facing annihilation.
  • The 37’s, August 28, 1995: The crew explores a remote planet inhabited by humans who were abducted by aliens in 1937. (Not time-travel)
Season 2
  • Non Sequitur, September 25, 1995: Ensign Harry Kim awakens on Earth, where he’s shocked to learn there’s no record of his assignment on Voyager.
  • Deadlock, March 18, 1996: A space anomaly generates a duplicate Voyager and crew, but only one ship can survive an assault by Vidiian invaders.
Season 3
  • Future’s End (Part 1), November 6, 1996: The crew visits 20th century Los Angeles to prevent a timeship from destroying the Earth’s solar system.
  • Future’s End (Part 2), November 13, 1996: The crew races against time to stop a 20th century computer industrialist from causing a 29th century
  • Coda, January 29, 1997: Janeway finds herself trapped in a mysterious time loop, where a series of events repeatedly end in her death.
  • Before and After, April 9, 1997: Kes is bewildered when she begins moving backward in time
Season 4
  • Year of Hell (Part 1), November 5, 1997: A disruption in the space-time continuum forces the crew to evacuate Voyager.
  • Year of Hell (Part 2), November 12, 1997: The destruction of Voyager changes history.
  • Unforgettable, April 22, 1998: Chakotay meets a woman he once loved, but he has no memory of her. (Not time-travel)
Season 5
  • Timeless, November 18, 1998: Fifteen years after making a horrible mistake, Kim attempts to rewrite history.
  • Relativity, May 12, 1999: Voyager’s future depends on Seven’s success in preventing the past.
Season 6
Season 7
  • Shattered, January 17, 2001: Voyager encounters an energy field which leaves each section – and its crew – existing in a different time period.
  • Endgame, May 23, 2001: Voyager’s quest to return home is aided by a visitor from the future – Admiral Kathryn Janeway.
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