Tuesday, July 23, 2024

EPIX is now MGM +

I subscribed to EPIX though Amazon Prime Video not too long ago, mainly so that I could watch War of the Words and Condor. I found that EPIX has more series that I like than some of the other subscription services, so I check it out from time to time to see what they have […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

When Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was originally on the air, I did not watch it as often as the other Star Trek series. If you have Amazon Prime, all of the Star Trek series, including DS9, are currently free, so, since time-travel/alternate reality is my favorite genre, I decided to start watching those DS9 […]

Star Trek: Voyager – Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

Since I’ve gotten Google Fiber, I have been enjoying watching my favorite TV shows online more frequently. One of my favorite destinations is Amazon.com Instant Video, which is included with an Amazon Prime subscription. When Star Trek: Voyager was on TV, I never got to see the last season when it originally aired, so, since […]

Star Trek The Next Generation Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

While browsing though the Star Trek Next Generation episodes on Amazon.com, I realized that I had not seen as many of the original episodes as I thought, so some of the titles were completely new to me. Also, Star Trek The Next Generation has a number of episodes that aren’t actually time-travel, or alternate reality, […]

Star Trek: Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

Although the original Star Trek is still my favorite of the tv series franchise, in the age of the internet, I find myself watching it less than some of the others. That is mainly because I am drawn to time-travel/alternate reality story-lines these days, and the original series had fewer of them. In my blog […]