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Leslie Sidora

Leslie Sidora info

Leslie Sidora is a French and Mauritian, Paris raised model, who currently resides in Manchester, UK.

Leslie, who has a bachelor’s degree in supply chain logistics, did not start out with goals of becoming a model. Her early educational motivation was to craft a career that allowed her to learn English, and she saw her supply chain logistics education as a means of achieving that goal.

Her modeling career was born in 2018, when she was contacted by a modeling agency through her Instagram account. Her first modeling campaign was The Wild West Campaign for PrettyLttleThing. Following her body positive campaign with Prettylittlething, she has made appearances in publications such as Forbes and Glamour and has appeared in multiple fashion campaigns such as SAVAGExFenty, H&M, L’oreal, GOOD AMERICAN, Forever 21 and more.

Leslie is known for embracing her voluptuous curves and encouraging her followers to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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